Iron Ore Beneficiation

Iron Ore Beneficiation

Iron Ore Beneficiation

Even a modest improvement in the quality of the raw material can have a significant impact on both the final product quality and on the cost of steel production. Our iron ore processing plants can be retro-fitted to your existing Raw Material Handling (RMH) system to facilitate the processing of mined iron ore before it is fed to the furnace. The processing of iron ore delivers significant efficiencies to your operations.

Efficient Kiln Operation with clean Calibrated Lump Ore (CLO)

Accurate screening through our wet systems allows you to unlock the true value of medium grade iron ores, reducing your reliance on purchasing only high grade ore and ultimately reducing your raw material costs.

We have developed advanced systems to ensure that the feed to your plant is accurately calibrated and offer the following benefits:

  • 3-4% points increase In Fe value
  • Significant reductions in silica, alumina and clay
  • Improved metallization resulting in higher productivity

Calibrated Iron Ore reduces coal consumption

Silica and impurities require extremely high temperatures in order for it to be burned off. More the silica in the raw material, the more energy is used in producing the ore oxide. Our Wet Screening technology is extremely efficient in removing minus 60-micron material that results in the removal of significant levels of silica, alumina and clay.

Using perfectly calibrated clean ore reduces coke consumption by upto 6%.

Processing Iron Ore maximizes recovery of calibrated lumps

Our wet screening technology can efficiently recover material upto minus 2mm size, with highest efficiency around the year, even during the monsoon season, which typically traditional dry screens fail to achieve. This results in increased recovery of calibrated lump ore and thus reducing overall production cost.

  • Recovery of 2mm - 20mm calibrated iron ore considerably improves the overall economics
  • Processed minus 2mm recovered as a by-product is suitable for sinter feed or for pelletizing

Processed Iron Ore increases campaign life

Fine particles and Alumina in the feed end up as accretions in the kiln walls. Lower Alumina in the feed means a considerable reduction in cleaning and maintenance of the kilns. Our Wet Screening technology also ensures lesser dust accumulation in the dust cleaning system reducing its cost implications.

  • Upto 30% increase in campaign life leading to higher kiln productivity
  • Upto 0.005%+ reduction in phosphorus content reported by our existing clients

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Iron Ore Beneficiation

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