Limestone Beneficiation

Our advanced mineral washing systems are suitable for beneficiation of lower grade limestone ore. By reducing the cut-off grade, we are able to deliver significant efficiencies to your mining operation.

  • Increase the volumes of material available for processing
  • Reduce the stockpiling of waste ores
  • Extend the life of your reserve
  • Maximize your return on investment

Typical Limestone used for Cement Production

CaO 42% | Silica 15% | MgO 1%

Lower Grade Ores are treated as waste and are dumped in the mines, occupying huge space. It is also an environmental hazard. CFlo World Tech transforms these wastes to recover usable products for use in cement making. Through intense scrubbing and wet classification almost 70-90% of the waste is recovered as high value mineral.

Our modular designs can accept both freshly generated fines from the crushing circuit as well material from old dumps. Depending on the feed grade, CaO content can be improved significantly and the silica level kept within acceptable limits.

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