Manganese Ore Beneficiation

Enhance manganese ore quality for optimal performance in alloy production

Enhance manganese ore quality for optimal performance in alloy production

Manganese ore plays a crucial role in alloy production, particularly in the creation of ferromanganese – an alloy composed of manganese and iron, containing varying manganese percentages.

The steel industry heavily relies on ferromanganese, with a notable impact on stainless steel manufacturing, where manganese content typically ranges between 10% and 20%.

The manganese ore beneficiation process involves two key stages:

Feed Preparation

The initial phase incorporates the utilization of diverse physical separation equipment, such as crushers, screens, and grinding mills. This stage primarily focuses on size reduction to prepare the ore for concentration.


The concentration phase incorporates advanced technologies like hydrocyclones and spirals to produce manganese concentrate, the precursor to the final product. Wastewater generated during this process is directed to tailings dams, potentially undergoing an additional filtration stage.

Our comprehensive range of equipment for manganese ore processing includes:


Utilize our screening solutions for efficient classification of manganese ore, laying the foundation for subsequent processing stages.


Employ our hydrocyclone technology to eliminate undesirable fines from manganese ore, ensuring a cleaner feed for subsequent heap leaching processes.


Our Scrubmax Heavy-duty Scrubbing System is indispensable for processing manganese ore contaminated with clay. The logwasher's scrubbing mechanism effectively disintegrates and removes clays, optimizing downstream processes.

Tailings Management

Strive towards zero tailings with our tailor-made filter press solutions. This not only minimizes waste but also significantly reduces health and safety risks on-site.

Investing in our cutting-edge technologies and equipment ensures the efficient beneficiation of manganese ore, enhancing the quality of the final product and contributing to the overall efficiency of alloy production processes.

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