Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels, Rourkela, Odisha

CFlo's groundbreaking Oremax Multi technology has empowered Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels to enhance low-grade iron ore, leading to a reduction in coal usage and substantial cost savings.

Jai Balaji Group is a leading private-sector steel manufacturer in Eastern India, with eight integrated manufacturing units across West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Jharkhand. The company offers manufacturers a range of value-added products, including DRI, Pig iron, Ferro Alloys, Billets, TMT Bars, Wire Rods, Ductile Iron Pipes, and Heavy Rounds with a combined capacity of over 27 Lakh Tonnes per annum. Committed to quality and meeting the growing steel demand, the company is continuously innovating to keep ahead of the competition. 

Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels Limited, a unit of Jai Balaji Group, is a trusted name in the steel industry. The company is one of our esteemed clients since 2012.

In recent times, one of the major challenges faced by the steel industry is the decrease in the quality of raw iron ore accessible to steel producers.

Prior to implementing our Iron Ore beneficiation plant, the client had acquired raw materials (58 to 60-grade iron ore) at a high expense from a variety of mines in the Barbil region to replenish raw material stock. The absence of an iron ore beneficiation plant posed a significant challenge for the company in using the stocked ore as well as acquiring varied raw materials from the market. The materials were often inconsistent in quality, and the prices fluctuated frequently depending on the availability of the raw materials.

To alleviate this problem, they decided to invest in their own ore-washing plant. After discussions with our team, who conducted a comprehensive testing process to establish the cost-benefit scenario, they awarded the contract for the full iron ore washing plant to the company.

Our innovative solutions to reduce client's pain point

Being a prominent supplier of wet processing solutions for numerous sectors, such as mining, construction, and waste recycling, with an impressive portfolio of innovative technologies and a team of highly skilled professionals, we are committed to providing efficient and sustainable solutions that enhance productivity, profitability, and environmental performance

After a series of evaluations, our officials recommended them an Oremax Multi system which includes the below features:

  • Feeding
  • Intense Washing
  • Efficient screening
  • Double-stage de-sliming
  • Product dewatering
  • Product stockpiling
  • Water management
  • Sludge Management

Oremax Multi of 100 TPH capacity is equipped with washing technologies that are widely used in the mineral industry and are designed to improve the quality of the raw material used by Jyoti Steels in their steel production operations.

This washing cum beneficiation plant enables the customer to upgrade the iron ore by removing impurities such as silica, alumina, and more.

Jet Attrition System (JAS) mounted on the feed conveyor helps in dislodging surface contaminants from the feed material and improves the product washing process significantly in the subsequent screening process. The Screenmax circular motion rinsing screen, equipped with three discharge outlets, is highly efficient. The specially designed spray bars on the upper deck of the Screenmax facilitate facilitate this process. The top deck of the screen separates the washed 10mm material, which is stockpiled for further use, while the bottom deck screen separates the material of 3-10mm size.

The less than 3mm fine material is pumped to a Turbo Dual Wash system consisting of Centriscreen and Hydrocyclone system for the fines processing. By incorporating Xtrill® lined modular Hydrocyclone for Turbo Dual Wash, the lifespan of parts significantly improves for efficient fines processing. Adopting the advanced Oremax Multi-technology has enabled the processing of raw materials of varying nature while still delivering significant improvements in product quality, with considerable increases in the Fe value.

By utilizing the Oremax Multi-technology, the company is transforming low-grade iron ore (Fe Grade 54-55) purchased from the market into high-grade materials (Fe Grade 60+). The fully automatic plant produces three different grades of high-quality products which can be directly used in the steel industry. Product 1: +10mm which is best suited for blast furnace, Product 2: 3 – 10mm is suitable for DRI/ sinter and Product 3: 3mm – 45 microns could be used both for Sinter or Pellet Feed. Its versatility leads to substantial cost savings, making it a preferred choice in the industry.

The decision to choose the Oremax Multi system was based on several factors. Firstly, it operates smoothly with minimal dust and noise pollution, ensuring a safe working environment. Secondly, its compact design requires minimal supervision, reducing risks and maximizing resource efficiency. Thirdly, it produces a superior quality product used in DRI. Lastly, after seeing the successful operation of the plant, we are confident with our decision and would definitely recommend this system to others. We are thoroughly impressed with the team for the successful commissioning of this project and would like to continue working with them in the future as well.

Joseph K Thomas

Project In-charge, Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels

The system is skid mounted, requires limited space and is environment friendly. The system also includes essential features such as water and sludge management which enables zero discharge of effluents to the atmosphere and at the same time recirculates 95% of the water used in the process. The mobile skid-mounted design and advanced automation further optimize the establishment and running costs. Overall, this technology provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the steel industry.

Fortunately, with the adoption of this state-of-the-art technology, the client is able to access raw materials at a more cost-effective rate. The client is processing the lower-grade iron ore through washing and upgrading techniques to transform it into higher-grade iron ore resulting in a significant reduction in coal consumption.

With Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels as our valued client, we are proud to drive innovation in iron ore beneficiation with the goal to revolutionize the industry by providing solutions that are both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Jai Balaji Jyoti Steel