Waste Glass Recycling

Recycled glass can bring with it many contaminants including paper, organics, metals, plastics which reduces the value of the cullet. Particle size is one of the most important criteria for end markets. It is important to identify equipment which can cope with the unique characteristics recycled glass possesses and the challenges it brings.

Our Solution

Our technology controls output quality irrespective of input quality, which ensures subsequent glass manufacturing processes are much more efficient. We believe pre-treatment is the missing link in many glass recycling processes. By adding a pre-treatment stage, the glass that would not have been recovered by optical sorting due to contamination can be screened and washed, removing stubborn contaminants and allowing for maximum recovery.

Guaranteeing that the subsequent processes are more efficient, reduces the life cycle costs of glass recycling.

The screened and washed glass can be applied for endless reuse as:

  • a glass aggregate
  • a drainage material for landfills
  • a by-product for the construction industry

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