Advanced Waste Recycling Technology

Mobile Recycling
for in-situ processing

Recycle waste on site to reduce environmental impact.

Feed point efficiency

The feed hopper features an integrated belt feeder to ensure the efficient transfer of material from the hopper to the next stage of processing.

Versatile scrubbing

Maximum product yield from feedstock with surface contamination. The paddles are in a fan arrangement which ensures consistent loads and are made of high cast chrome.

Trash Removal

The trash containing light-weights such as wood, plastics, etc. is collected from the lower end of the Scrubmax Heavy-duty Scrubbing System along with most of the water. It is then dewatered. Removal of this trash is essential as with these impurities, the product has limited applicability and thus low value.

Cut point efficiency

Reurban is custom built for your specific project - ensuring efficient control of silt cut points and delivering recycled sand products that meet your required specification every time.

Superior Sand Dewatering

The Centriscreen Dewatering & Sizing System delivers washed sand that's ready for market straight from the belts - allowing you to turn your products into revenue as quickly as possible.

Use 95% less water

The ReUrban range integrates our tried and tested water recycling technology allowing you to use the latest sand washing technology while reducing your water requirement by up to 95%.

C&D Waste Recycling plant

Sludge Management

Our unique sludge management technology accelerates the drying time of your tailings for a smaller tailings footprint and allows for recycled water to be returned to the Reurban plant much more quickly than other systems.


Easysettle Sludge Bay Manager deploys high performance polymer technology to rigidify your tailings at the point of disposal by effecting instantaneous water release from the treated slurry.