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CFlo has achieved a remarkable milestone by consecutively installing two Combo plants at Shirdi.

Raj Infrastructure Development (India) Private Limited:

Igniting dreams for a sustainable future

Raj Infrastructure Development (India) Private Limited, since its inception in 1996, has been catering to the construction industry. Located in Shirdi, Maharashtra, the company has made its reputation for offering value in contracting and various urban infrastructure projects based on road construction of implacable standards.

The company initiated its journey by dealing in bituminous road projects. But as the trend for concrete roads set in, the company shifted its focus to washed Manufactured Sand. To empower the highway construction industry with consistently graded M-Sand in a sustainable way, Raj Infrastructure Development (India) Private Limited joined forces with CFlo.

The stepping stone for Raj Infrastructure into the M-Sand market

In March 2021, Raj Infrastructure approached us to provide graded M-Sand for the development of India's prestigious ongoing project, the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway. The expressway will link Mumbai, the financial capital of India, to Nagpur, the major hub of the Vidarbha Region, and reduce the commute time from 14 hours to 8 hours. Raj Infrastructure is the sub-contractor of Gayatri Projects Limited, contributing to the construction of one of the most critical packages of the project with a capacity of 29.3 Km.

In need of an economical, ecologically sound, and quality-controlled supply of M-sand, We were the first sand-washing company that occurred to the company on the commencement of the project. After scouting the site and understanding the company’s requirements, our officials introduced them to the ideal solution for their sand washing needs – Combo X70.

Working with Raj Infrastructure and partaking in the construction of Samruddhi Mahamarg has been an enriching and fulfilling experience for us. We have had the pleasure to install two consecutive Combo sand washing facilities of varied applications within 100 meters of each other and are glad that it provided our client with a comprehensive solution for their M-Sand supply needs.

Nitin Dubey

Chief Revenue Officer

Within a few months of commissioning the first plant, Raj Infrastructure cited its requirement for another sand-washing equipment of similar features to wrap up the work in the scheduled time without any compromise on quality.

In both instances, our officials were prompt in responding to the client’s specific requirements with two of our best M-Sand Plants – Combo X70 and Combo X70-D.

The first Combo plant has been in operation since March 2022 and the second plant was brought into action in August 2022.

CFlo instills confidence through 2 Combo units and uninterrupted M-Sand supply

Plant 1: Combo X70

Combo X70, from the flagship Combo platform, was the most sought-after wet sand processing equipment for this colossal project. The plant can operate for more than 16 hours a day, with maximum power saving and water recycling ability through efficient resource use. The 70 TPH plant works at a rated power capacity of 110 KW and is designed to convert fine stone dust to IS Grade M-Sand for the ready-mix concrete industries. It also has the potential to process an accurate cut point of 75 microns of fine particles, with zero liquid discharge, 95% water recycling, and minimal maintenance requirements. Fascinated with the features, the client sealed the deal within 15 days of the first meeting.

Plant 2: Combo X70-D

Fathoming the requirement of Raj Infrastructure for a higher quantity of M-Sand, We came to their aid with the suggestion of installing Combo X70-D to ensure the continuous supply of IS:383 graded M-Sand. The technological upgrades made in Polymax Polymer Dosing Station of Combo X70-D result in reduced flocculants depletion, power consumption, and savings of up to Rs.5/- per ton of the operations’ cost. This ultimately came as a boon for the company, reducing the overall inventory cost of the plant.

Our sales experts worked closely with the client to assure them of the efficacy of the second plant and its ability to address their pain points. To our delight, the second plant, i.e., Combo X70-D was commissioned within five months from the first plant.

The company is the pioneer in producing quality-assured M-Sand. They have been a condemnatory partner to us in the successful construction of the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway. Opting for their best-in-class Combo washing plants has proven to be a beneficial experience for us. Adding to it was their super-efficient team, who tactfully delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule. We are glad to have trusted the reputation they have built with their intelligent water usage and space-saving technology.

Mr. Ram Udaysing Nimbalkar

Managing Director, Raj Infrastructure Development (India) Private Limited

We thank our esteemed client and all other operators for trusting us with this landmark project.

Raj Infrastructure