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Installation of Combo-X70 proves to be a game changer in Bidar

CFlo's Combo X70 plant in Aurad, Bidar, Karnataka helps JS Infra foray into sand washing and retailing.

Karnataka-based JS Infra Pvt. Ltd. was considering setting up a sand washing facility to augment their business when they came across the impressive work and portfolio of CFlo. Back then, the company was mainly involved in construction contracting and various government projects based on road construction. They were also into retailing of aggregates and sand.

Early into the business, our client was working with alow-capacity crusher plant which they decided to replace with a quality product from a renowned brand. Soon after experiencing the fruits of improved quality of outputs, higher feed capacity, and reduced maintenance cost the company became keen on owning a sand washing plant. They gauged the rising demand for manufactured sand in his business area to be a positive sign for this significant investment and therefore wasted no time in starting intensive research on the best possible options. The results of their market study were not satisfactory and left our client unimpressed with the current players operating in the sand-washing arena.

CFlo's Solution

During their search and evaluation of various plant options, CFlo approached JS Infra Pvt. Ltd. with a visionary solution perfectly tailored to their requirements - the Combo X70. A brilliant innovation from our flagship Combo platform, the Combo X70 can operate for almost 12-16 hours a day, with the benefit of power saving and water recycling facility through smart resource use. It converts fine stone dust to M-Sand for the ready-mix concrete industries. The Plant has the calibreto convert black basalt (-4.55MM) to industry-grade Concrete M Sand (Zone II) for commercial use. The 70-100 tph plant works at an optimum power capacity of 101KW.

Our client was impressed with the superior performance potential of the Combo X70 and rated it above the current competition in the market. After being convinced of the cutting-edge features of the plant, the client had a talk with our custom care executive and learned of the benefits of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) where the maintenance and upkeep of the plant are managed entirely by our team. They liked the idea of hassle-free service and the guidance of expert engineers on site to achieve his desired goals.cfloworld.

Opting for the Combo washing plant has proven to be a delightful experience for us. As the demand for M-Sand increases so does the insistence on granular specifications, which we can now successfully fulfill with the Combo X70 plant. With the new plant, we have understood the company's brand value and how it maintains a fine balance between uncompromised quality and economy of cost.

Suryakant Almaje

Director, JS Infra Private Limited

Successful Installation and Votes of Confidence

In a matter of 8 months from when the first meeting happened the plant was commissioned in December 2020 and officially launched in January 2021.

We are glad that the client trusted us for an important leap in his business. Combo X70 is a perfect sand washing solution to produce industry-ready manufactured sand and we are overjoyed that our client is enjoying its benefits and getting high returns.

Manish Bhartia

Promoter & Managing Director

The Results

After installation, the customer is able to produce close to 11000 tonnes of sand on a monthly basis. The client is using our plant for producing concrete sand due to its huge demand in that particular market and the sand is being sold for various government projects, road construction, PWD and NHAI projects and to other retailers as well.

The CFlo team thanks J.S. Infra Private Limited for this prized opportunity.