Balaji Quartz, Rajasthan

CFlo made significant advancements in quartz washing by introducing a tailored Combo plant (Combo Exo) to assist their client in achieving economies of cost and control over their quartz beneficiation and gradation process.

Since 2018, the thought of adopting a better washing, beneficiation and gradation system for their quartz plant had been playing on the minds of the owners of Goyal Group of Minerals. As one of India’s largest quartz mine owners, the costs of labour, including overuse of water were failing to match up with the quality of output being produced. The rudimentary dry screening and washing system that was in place at the time was not only extremely labour intensive, but also not thorough with the washing of quartz lumps. With no means to recycle water, wastage was at its maximum and the abrasive quality of the lumps were routinely damaging the system, making it dysfunctional especially during monsoons. Reportedly, their attempts to convert -5mm dust to M-Sand had also failed.

Before our fortunate encounter with the compant's cutting edge Combo Exo washing technology – we were deeply struggling with cost and quality. Our installed washing system was dysfunctional on too many levels and led to extremely high running costs. We were routinely unsatisfied with the inefficient washing and removal of fines, the low TPH, high wear and tear and overall unsatisfactory beneficiation that led to the low market value of the output product.

Bijendra Goyal

CEO, Balaji Quartz Pvt. Ltd

When the team first met Mr. Goyal, they encountered an individual seeking a dramatic transformation in his circumstances, a change that could only be achieved through genuinely innovative and customized technology solutions. He aimed to improve dust removal from quartz lumps to enhance their quality, to efficiently categorize the output into different sizes meeting industry standards, and to increase the production of pristine snow-white quartz.

As this marked one of our early experiences in quartz washing, we conducted rigorous laboratory tests using various grades of quartz particles. These tests not only earned his trust but also provided him with an initial understanding of our groundbreaking washing technologies before the introduction of Combo Exo.

Combo Exo is a superior washing and beneficiation system that keeps in mind both the quality of output and the client’s profit margins by economizing manpower, recycling water, increasing production capacity and providing for multiple grades as well as types of industry-ready products from a single easy to install plant. We are proud of what our client has to say about how the new plant is performing:

We have a lot of quartz stock and with this plant, we are getting more recovery. Not only are we getting different industrial grades but the material that was earlier considered wastage is now being converted to M-Sand. So this is a zero wastage plant!

Nakul Goyal

Director, Balaji Quartz Pvt. Ltd.

Here are some of the key benefits from the plant:

Higher Yield: Increase in production from 70-80 TPD to 300-350 TPD

Efficient washing: Jet Attrition System which helps to liberate the dust from the surface of quartz lumps

Size segregation: Product 1 – +25mm to -80mm; Product 2 – +5mm to -25mm; Product 3 – +0.075mm to +5mm

Market diversification: Able to produce washed quartz (Quartz industry) as well as M-Sand (Construction industry) from the same plant

Economy of cost:

  • Minimizes water wastage with a water recycling system
  • Fully automatic and therefore saves on labour cost
  • The compact nature of the plant makes it easy to install and takes up significantly less space
  • Lesser downtime and maintenance costs due to superior build and minimum wear and tear
  • Low power consumption
  • Superior sludge management solution

Eco friendly: Zero effluent discharge

The Combo Exo was launched on September 17, 2020, and handed over to our happy clients. Since then, we have received extremely good reviews, many of which point at how their longstanding worries are now reaching satisfactory resolution due to our breakthrough washing technology.

The Combo Exo is the only quartz washing plant in India and so far it has delivered on all its promises. I would recommend it to all my colleagues, partners, friends and even competitors in the industry with material washing requirements.

Niraj Goyal

Director, Balaji Quartz Pvt. Ltd.

We are pleased to share that the client is interested in investing in a new plant that will have a few customizations and a higher running capacity of 50-60TPH.

We extend our utmost gratitude to the Goyal Group of Minerals for this valuable opportunity.


Balaji Quartz, Rajasthan