CFlo Unveils the All-New Combo Mega E5: The Largest Mobile Washing System

05 July 2024

05 July 2024

CFlo is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation in mobile sand washing technology, the Combo Mega E5. Building upon the success of the flagship Combo platform, this new model represents a significant leap forward in capacity and efficiency, reinforcing CFlo’s position at the forefront of the material processing industry.

Biggest Capacity. 5 Products in One Compact Machine.

The all-new Combo Mega E5 is designed to handle an impressive 200-350 tons per hour, making it the largest and most robust mobile sand washing system in the market. With the ability to produce three sizes of washed aggregates and two grades of sand in a single operation, it sets a new benchmark for efficiency and productivity. The Combo Mega E5’s one-load direct feed hopper system allows operators to feed the processing plant directly with ease, reducing operational steps and enhancing productivity.

Modular and Mobile Design

The Mega E5, built on the patented Combo platform, features a modular design that ensures rapid deployment and minimal plant footprint. Its mobile nature eliminates the need for bulky civil and structural work, enabling quick commissioning - often within a week of arrival at the project site. This mobility is particularly advantageous for companies with quarrying activities in multiple locations.

Advanced Water Recycling and Eco-Friendly Operation

The introduction of Combo Mega E5 reinforces CFlo’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. It recycles 95% of the water pumping it back into the process, which significantly reduces freshwater consumption compared to traditional systems. It is equipped with Zero Liquid Discharge that prevents discharge of slurry waste into the atmosphere and allows the collection of screened soil to produce cold-bonded bricks or use in other applications.This total eco-friendly approach, combined with a low power consumption of just 410 kW, makes it one of the most environmentally friendly sand washing systems available.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring

Equipped with the option of a Cloudlink intelligent remote monitoring platform, the Combo Mega E5 sand washing plant  allows real-time measurement of critical functions, saving equipment usage data for accurate diagnosis during service calls.This helps CFlo’s Sevaforce customer support team to broadcast user warnings for preventive maintenance, ensuring optimum plant performance with minimal downtime.

Versatile Application

The Combo Mega E5 is versatile, capable of washing a wide range of materials including mining overburdens, crushed aggregates, crushed rock fines, natural sand, sand and gravel, and scalpings, among other materials. This adaptability makes it ideal for various industries, including infrastructure development, road construction, and other civil engineering applications.

Expert Perspectives from our Global Leadership

Enda Ivanoff, Global Sales Director of CDE Asia Limited, highlights, “The Combo Mega E5 opens new opportunities for companies needing integrated mobile sand washing systems tailored to their project needs. This new generation of plants will allow operators to maximize quality without compromising the commercial value associated with washed sand and aggregate products. The unprecedented 7-in-1 function of our Combo range is transforming the concrete production business around the globe.”

Dr. Arabinda Bandyopadhyay, Chief Technologist of CDE Asia Ltd, adds, “CFlo’s Combo modular sand washing range are engineering marvels in the sand and aggregate processing industry. The technological brilliance of the Combo platform has proven its value in various applications, and our customers are integrating it with their new or existing crushing circuits for its exceptional ability to remove excessive fines from crushed rock material. The premium quality of washed aggregate and manufactured sand it provides significantly enhances their construction business.”

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