Ahmed Brothers Materials, Pakistan

High Purity Silica Sand Processing Line in Pakistan

Ahmed Brothers Materials, a Ghani Group company, joined hands with CDE Asia Limited to employ its silica sand beneficiation technology and achieved high-grade glass grade silica sand for use in their glass production facilities in Pakistan.


Ghani Group, a reputed business house of South Asia - based in Pakistan, with interests in container glass and float glass, automobiles manufacturing / marketing and mining of silica sand, coal and rock salt. The group has over 50 years of business experience in the local and international markets, especially in the glass sector. It features seven modern glass plants in Pakistan producing container glass, float glass and value-added glass with an annual capacity of over 1,570 TPD.

Ghani Group has earned its repute and has registered its brand as the leader in the container glass industry in the region. It enjoys the largest market share with an extensive glass container range for the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry. Incessant R&D, innovation, provision of value-added glass manufacturing and fulfilling customized demands of local and international customers have made Ghani brand a glass superpower in the region.

Partnership Approach

On July 1st, 2021, a 0.3 MTPA customized Micrograder Silica Sand Processing Line was commissioned by us at the mining site of Ahmed Brothers Materials located in Khushab, a city, as well as a district of Sargodha Division, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

On being questioned on the intentions behind commissioning the plant, the Company’s Director Mr. Anwaar Ahmed Khan said:

We were looking for a high-purity silica sand processing plant to meet the requirement of our glass production facilities. As a company with many patented products, we knew CDE Asia Limited's team would understand our requirement for in-spec sand and provide a solution that is cost-effective and eco-friendly in its own right.

Mr. Anwaar Ahmed Khan

Company’s Director

Modular Silica Sand Processing:

The commissioned plant uses advanced wet processing technology to reduce Fe2O3, TiO2, Al2O3 and other contaminants present in the mined silica sand without losing a significant amount of feed material. A high-purity, silica sand grade can be achieved, which can be used for the production of float glass or container glass depending upon the requirement of the project.

Eco-Friendly Technology:

The installed plant minimizes water use (consumption: 0.28m³ per ton / hour) with recycling, conserves power (consumption: 650 KWH), and has zero effluent discharge.

Easy To Install:

Our Micrograder F70D customized plant is a fully automatic system with a modular setup with a minimum geographical footprint.

Smart Technology with Internet Inside

This project will also remain memorable as a testimony of how well-planned collaborations based on trust and cooperation work. Although the plant & equipment along with required utilities were already available at the project site, Covid-19 and restrictions on international travel posed significant challenges for the installation and commission of the project. Our engineers were not allowed totravel to Pakistan due to Visa restrictions. The entire erection and commissioning of the project were completed using our Smart Technology, a massive achievement by engineers on both sides of the border.

The Micrograder F70D is preinstalled with multiple IoT sensors and internet capability that communicates with our Command Center servers throughout its operations. This allows our customers to operate their business from anywhere in the world. They can start & stop their plant remotely, receive a daily report of production, power usage, water usage and more, all from the comfort of their homes. Our plant is always connected with our Command Center through the internet making it possible for our team to assist our customers 365 days a year. We are grateful to Mr. Shahid Ali, Project Head of Ahmed Brothers Materials for trusting us with this first project in Pakistan and giving his support and teamwork to install and commission the project remotely.

Sanjit Kumar

Deputy General Manager, Head of Operations

Through this unique experience, once again we did what we do best – solve problems through innovation, impacting businesses positively – a win-win!

Ahmed Brothers Materials