CFlo Partners with NLC India to Pioneer Green Initiative: Producing M-Sand from Overburden for Sustainable Construction

06 May 2024

06 May 2024

NLC India, with CFlo as their technology partner, has inaugurated OB (overburden) to Sand washing plant to produce M-sand (manufactured sand) for construction. This innovative project tackles environmental concerns and combats the growing scarcity of natural sand.

The plant, installed by CFlo and executed by SR Stone Crusher, aims to produce a significant 2.62 lakh cubic meters of M-sand annually. This processed sand, derived from leftover overburden (topsoil) during lignite mining, offers a sustainable alternative to natural river sand, minimizing environmental impact on river ecosystems.

The initiative aligns perfectly with the Ministry of Coal's push for sustainable practices and the "Waste to Wealth" concept. It promotes efficient utilization of natural resources while minimizing environmental impact. Notably, the plant commenced operations in January 2024, marking a significant step in the lignite mining industry.

Opencast mining generates overburden as waste during lignite extraction. This project leverages this "waste" material. Extensive research by NLC India and IIT Madras confirmed the suitability of overburden for conversion into M-sand meeting IS 383:2016 standards.

The project signifies the beginning of a larger green initiative. NLC India, under the Build Own Operate (BOO) model, plans to process M-sand from overburden at Lignite Mine-IA. The foundation stone for this plant was laid in December 2023 by NLCIL Chairman-cum-Managing Director Prasanna Kumar Motupalli.

Prasanna Kumar Motupalli, CMD, NLCIL, expressed optimism about the project's potential, emphasizing the awarded contract and future expansion plans. He stated, "This environment-friendly green initiative will be further expanded in the future."

Manish Bhartia, Promoter & Managing Director, CDE Asia Limited, highlighted their advanced overburden waste processing systems. He stated “These systems enable efficient sand recovery from waste while promoting sustainability. The Reurban 100 TPH plant boasts a 95% reduction in water usage through recycling and maintains a strict silt content limit for high-quality products. CFlo's systematic approach ensures efficient resource management, solidifying their leadership in this space.”

This forward-thinking collaboration between NLC India and CFlo demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development and responsible resource management, paving the way for a greener future in the construction sector.

NLC India to Pioneer Green Initiative

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