Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels implements our advanced Mineral Beneficiation Plant for elevating iron ore processing

05 June, 2023

05 June, 2023

We partnered with Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels, a leading private-sector steel manufacturer in Eastern India, to revolutionize iron ore beneficiation in the region.

Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels Limited, a unit of Jai Balaji Group, a trusted name in the steel industry recently installed our Oremax Multi featuring the Screenmax Circular Motion Rinsing Screens with three discharge outlets at Rourkela, Odisha. The plant commissioned in 2021 has a feed capacity of 100 TPH and is designed to increase the grade of iron ore by removing unwanted impurities from raw materials, such as silica, thereby improving the quality of the final product.

The inclusion of the Xtrill® lined modular Hydrocyclone for Turbo Dual Wash, along with the Jet Attrition System, can significantly enhance the washing quality of the product. The plant operates fully automatically and produces three grades of high-quality products (Fe grade 60+) that are suitable for direct use in the steel industry.

The plant is equipped with a PLC-based automatic system that ensures seamless operations, high productivity, and uninterrupted performance. Its eco-friendly design includes Zero Liquid Discharge technology, which enables the recycling of up to 95% of water.

Prior to implementing our Iron Ore beneficiation plant, the client had acquired raw materials (58 to 60-grade iron ore) at a high expense from a variety of mines in the Barbil region to replenish raw material stock. The absence of an in-house iron ore beneficiation plant posed a significant challenge in procuring raw materials from the market, leading to inconsistency in the quality of materials and frequent price fluctuations based on their availability. To address this issue, the client decided to invest in their own ore washing plant and awarded the contract for the entire iron ore washing plant to us after conducting a comprehensive testing process.

Our cutting-edge washing technology is effectively eliminating all ultra-fines and generating a clean output, which is leading to a longer campaign life in the furnace for the customer. Furthermore, this is decreasing coal consumption during steel production, which positively impacts the economic feasibility of steel-making.

The 100 TPH Oremax Multi in Odisha produces high-quality calibrated lump ore by removing impurities from low-grade ores. Through this fruitful collaboration, we successfully aligned our efforts, allowing Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels to accomplish its sustainable mining objectives while experiencing a notable boost in productivity and profitability.

Joseph K Thomas, Project In-charge, Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels, says “the decision to choose the Oremax Multi system was based on several factors. Firstly, it operates smoothly with minimal dust and noise pollution, ensuring a safe working environment. Secondly, its compact design requires minimal supervision, reducing risks and maximizing resource efficiency. Thirdly, it produces a superior quality product used in DRI. Lastly, after seeing the successful operation of the plant, we are confident with our decision and would definitely recommend this system to others. We are thoroughly impressed with the team for the successful commissioning of this project and would like to continue working with them in the future as well”.

CFlo and Jai Balaji Jyoti Steels champion sustainable steel production through their ground-breaking iron ore beneficiation technology.


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